M.E.D. Energy Inc.

M.E.D. Energy is to encourage, develop and finance all projects and works related to energy efficiency, the creation and exploitation of green and renewable energies, in particular through the use of waste, in accordance with the criteria of sustainable development. As part of its purpose, the M.E.D. Energy works in the United States and abroad.

Our values are formalized through a charter with following principles:


The meaningfulness of a project or action shall be reflected in the quality or size of the response to the actual need in terms of local and regional infrastructure. The construction of Waste to Energy Powerplant shall be in line with locally available resources.


Recovery and careful use of non-renewable resources and, if necessary, the creation of renewable resources, thereby re-establishing the balance between supply and demand. Resources means clean water, soils generations and renewable energy.


Rationalisation of energy consumption, optimisation and improvement of output, and especially recommendation of application of the ISO 50001 2011 norm (energy systems management)


The project management shall take prior action to ensure that investments are optimized, profitable and secure (IRR; NVP, payback), and that the created resources are properly integrated and efficiently deployed.

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