About Us

Millennium Energy Distribution (M.E.D.) is a Startup Company based in New York. Our Clean Technology of Waste to Energy without CO2 emissions was invented by a visionary engineering team and an expert in the sustainable development that wanted to solve the Global Waste Problem and it was founded in late 2018.

We believe that each of us, in our private and professional roles, benefits from our environment and has a moral responsibility towards future generations to protect it. Given the time left to shift to a sustainable development path, sustainability must move from the niche to the mainstream. For M.E.D. Energy, this calls for a sustainable development – with governments setting framework conditions that systematically reward sustainability in the mainstream market, and businesses innovating and implementing cleantech innovative solutions. Our vision is to foster sustainable global development with the power of business.

M.E.D. Energy pursues its mission through focused on developing countries as well as developed countries on solving the waste problem. We initiate and develop waste to electricity projects without CO2 emissions and execute them in cooperation with Governments, Municipalities, Manufacturing Companies, Hospitals, Farmers, private and public sector partners.

What ‘s make us different

The general design of the system is flexible, scalable and adapts to the scale of demand (scalable), unlike other powerplants currently available:


The FLEXIBILITY that is due:

The type of inputs (feedstock): the possibility of accepting all inputs, mixed or not as raw material for the powerplant;
On-line” processing of inputs: no intermediate storage, possibility to adapt the processing rate to the incoming materials or to stop the line at any time;
Continuous production: meeting immediate energy demand and depending on the type of inputs available, even if feedstock varies.


The MODULARITY that is due:

Choice of process line equipment: Each line of equipment can process raw materials at different temperatures, with or without reaction catalysts, to produce syngas of different composition. Reinforcement of treatment lines: each treatment line can be reinforced or modified on request.


The SCALABILITY that is due:

The nominal power of a line can vary: each treatment line can vary from a nominal power of 5 to 50 MWel. The powerplant’s nominal power can vary, processing lines can be added in parallel, up to 4 or 5 superposed or juxtaposed lines, depending on the configuration required, allowing a powerplant to increase its nominal power from 50 to 500 MWel, if necessary.


Our approach also includes several specific of Environment Friendly Innovations, including:

No gaseous emissions into the atmosphere, therefore no damage to the atmospheric environment; Capture of all the CO2 produced as well as all Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
No loss of thermal energy by our solution. Indeed, thermal energy is reused, stored over the long term, led to the end users, without energy loss.

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