Our Innovation


Our Process

Our Innovative Process is closing the nutrient cycling while generating energy

M.E.D. Energy is bringing state of the art green technology to the 21st Century Economy

Wise Med Technology energy supply alternative without CO2 emissions

Our Unique Clean Energy Powerplant without CO2 emissions:

Our innovation Capture of all the CO2 produced as well as all greenhouse gases to allow their valorization in agriculture as fertilizer.
A Powerplant of the size of 5MWel can reduce up to 36’800 tons of CO2 emissions per year


M.E.D. Energy’s innovation is aligne with New York 2030 Goals and Sustainable Development Goals for a Better World

  • Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, modern and permenant energy for all !
  • Recent progress in electrical energy, particularly in LDC’s (least Developed Counries), and improvements in industrial energy efficiency!
  • Access to Electricity is the heart of the economic Development of any Country
  • Deliver affordable, renewable energy for anybody, anywhere !
  • Achieve Goal No 7 of access to Clean Energy
  • Promote Agriculture Sustainable Development
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gase emissions
  • Reduce methan and carbon dioxine (CO2)


What kind of environnemental problem our M.E.D. Energy Technology is solving ?

Our Clean Powerplant Technology can contribute to the following challenges:

Municipality Solid Waste

Landfill Waste

Agriculture, Organic, Vegetable Waste, Food Waste

Industrial Waste

Hospital, drugs, syringe Waste ( issue mostly in underdeveloped countries)

Plastic, car tires, restraurant food waste, kitchen oil waste, refinery waste oil

We can reduce methane, greenhouse gas by transforming all the above waste with our Clean Technology into electricity and CO2 emission free!

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