The global Waste problem

Global Waste to Grow by 70% by 2050

With the ever growing population, and the modern lifestyle of the urbanized cities, the level of waste generated globally is going higher day by day. So, there is a concentrated focus on the management of these wastes. Initially, there was a huge reliance on landfills as a waste management strategy. But with awareness, land filling has become more and more expensive and restricted. Furthermore, landfills have a huge Greenhouse Gas (GHG) problem. To find an alternative to this, the focus was on waste incineration which also release CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. But, with time and advancement in technology, the focus shifted on new cost effective and sustainable technology platforms, in the form of Waste to Electricity. And M.E.D. Energy Technology is solving the waste problem without CO2 emissions.

Based on the latest World Bank Report without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70% on current level by 2050. Driven by rapid urbanization and growing populations, global annual waste generation is expected to jump to 3,4 billion tonnes over the next 20 years, up from 2,01 billion tonnes in 2016.

-Waste Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to more than triple from current levels.
-Waste Generation in South Asia will more than double its waste stream.
-In 2016 the World generated 242 million tonnes of plastic waste
-It is estimated that 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent were generated from the treatment and disposal of waste in 2016.

The Waste Problem in the United States:

American Municipality Solid Waste and Environmental Challenges :

The US generates more than 258 millions tons of Municipality Waste (all the packaging, clothing, bottles, waste food, newspapers, batteries, plastics and everything else that gets thrown into garbage)

34.6% of that waste gets recycled and some gets burned for energy and the rest goes to landfills

2,000 active landfills in the US that hold the bulk of this trash are reaching their capacity

New York is the world biggest waste producer :

New York City reportedly wastes is 14 million tonnes of trash per year

The illegal dumping in New York city it is still a problem

Due to Limited landfill capacity New York is exporting its waste to China

The Health and Environmental Risks of Waste

Landfill waste in general is US third-largest industrial of methane emissions realising 92,7 million Metric Tons of CO2 emission according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Methane is a potent of Greenhouse Gas that is key contributor to Climate Change and Global Warming

Health risks such as disease like polio, skin problem, cancer

Environmental impact such as contamination of agriculture land, drinkable underground water, air pollution


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