What We Do


The treatment of urban waste is a problem in cities all over the world, invading many rural sites and beaches in many countries and currently pushing users to engage in techniques and procedures to avoid an invasion that would destroy their agriculture, environment and fisheries. The very nature of urban waste is heterogeneous and the recovery of recovery products from waste requires, in most of the proposed treatment conditions, excessively costly and time-consuming prior sorting.

Our Clean Technology Solution of Innovative Powerplant

This invention aims to overcome the above disadvantages and to respond to the problematic by providing power plants with the means to transform continuously and in a complete cycle of operations all materials of uniform composition or mixed with other materials, such as municipal waste, synthetic materials, organic materials and their water content, hazardous or otherwise non-recovered materials and any other undesirable materials that may be transformed into fuel for the industrial production of electrical and/or thermal energy, said process excluding all gaseous releases into the atmosphere. Any residual outputs of the said energy production, which cannot therefore be transformed into fuel, can be fully recovered and/or recycled in any other way, whether in gaseous, liquid or solid form.

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